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Jet Washing and Valeting for Commercial Vehicle Dealers - Sussex, Surrey, Kent

Pre-Inspection Jet Wash 

A thorough pre-inspection jet wash is extremely important for all commercial vehicles as it may uncover some hidden safety issues and it also ensures that your inspector can carry out his checks to the best of his ability. We realise that this is a dirty job, which is made far more difficult if you don’t have our top of the range dedicated equipment that efficiently cuts through the dirt and grease that builds up underneath your vehicle on a day to day basis. 

We find that many service managers find it far less stressful to subcontract us to do the job properly instead of fighting with the trainee mechanic who’s only going to do a poor job at best. Lets face it, its a dirty job but we’re happy and fully equipped to get on with it and do it right. I can honestly say that you, your service manager and your inspectors will not regret the decision to use the Dirt Terminator.

Pre-delivery valet of new vehicles

We understand how important customer retention is to you as dealers and the effect of a nice shiny, fresh smelling vehicle being delivered can increase the likeliness of future business with that customer. With this in mind we offer a full range of interior and exterior pre delivery valeting options to meet the needs of you and your customers.

Service Wash

We offer a cost effective post-service wash:

  • Quick exterior chemical application with high powered jet wash.
  • Interior clean and degrease.
  • Under cab and engine steam clean. 
  • Chassis clean.
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