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Machine and Plant Jet Washing - Sussex, Surrey, Kent

We offer a full maintenance jet wash service for all types of fixed and mobile plant including; diggers, dumpers, loading shovels, lifts and forklifts. 

Engine ventilation. 

Keeping the machines ventilation clear for the engine and radiator is essential to prevent engine damage due to overheating. A routine jet wash can ensure this doesn’t happen to your machines.  

Pre-Maintenance Jet Wash

It can be unpleasant for a mechanic to work on a machine that's caked in mud and oil. It can also hinder his ability to diagnose and repair any problems or even carry out a basic routine service. Our pre-maintenance jet wash means the mechanic can get on with his job without these problems.

Post-Maintenance Jet Wash

The post-maintenance jet wash gets your machine back to you clean and free from the dirt of the mechanics workshop or the oil of any burst hydraulic pipes, which can leave a particularly bad mess. 

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